About Aquatics International Sdn. Bhd.

Aquatics International was established in 1988 initially as an exporter of tropical freshwater aquarium fish & plants from Malaysia. From essentially a one man show in the early 90’s, Aquatics has grown over the years & it’s facility at Subang about 40 minutes from Kuala Lumpur city centre now comprises a fully developed 5 acre site fully complying to EU bio-security standards for the export of both tropical & marine fish.
In addition to this we also have a 50 acre koi farm known as Koi Plus, and a 25 acre Fantail farm, Fantail Plus, enabling us to produce fully conditioned fish for export, KHV & SVC free !

Freshwater tropicals originate mainly from farms within Malaysia, but we also import from countries within Asia, Nigeria, Brazil & Colombia then stock, quarantine & re-export abroard.

In 2005 Aquatic ventured into the marine field & established what is currently the largest marine export facility in the country comprising over 300,000 litres natural seawater dealing in marine species from around the world. Fish are imported from Indonesia, the Philippines, Brazil, Australia, the Caribbean, Mexico & Hawaii as well as our own little collection stations in the sate of Sabah, East Malaysia and Sumatra, Indonesia. Corals & live rock also make up our exports.

After 20 years, the vision has come full circle as Aquatics International has grown into a globally recognised firm, specializing in one exclusive strategy – the export of healthy conditioned fish & corals to customers worldwide.

Managing Director :
Mr. Keith Jones

Executive Marketing Manager :
Ms. Alla Andriyevska

Freshwater Export Manager :
Mr. Mahendran

Marine Export Manager :
Mr. Aldy Patigdas

Wholesale Manager :
Mr. Leong Yiam Chee