The marine facility at Aquatics is second to none in the country & runs on approximately 300,000 litres of natural seawater which has been passed through ultra-violet sterilizers & treated by ozone.

Incoming fish are unpacked in separate quarantine facilities where we drop the pH in the receiving blocks down to approximately pH7 by the use of carbon dioxide before the placing of the fish, after which we treat all incoming fish with fresh water baths & our propriety treatments before placement in their respective blocks.

Each customer’s order is assigned to his or her own block & your fish are tracked for several days before shipment in a separate quarantine block apart from the main facility.

Live rock is conditioned under a continuous spray system ensuring that the rock you receive from us has been fully conditioned & is able to be placed directly into your system. Fully conditioned rock should have the fresh smell of the sea & no traces of sponge or other organic matter.

Scribbles & Personifers from Australia, Passer Angels from Mexico, the Queen & French Angels from Brazil, the chances are that we will have it in stock. We stock from 500 to 1000 Hawaiian Yellow Tangs at any one time together with a similar number of Blue Tangs.

Fish are fed either a meaty diet or with marine algae in the case of the herbivores so they should be well conditioned before shipment on to you. Indonesian & Philippine fish are invariably caught in those locations with the use of cyanide (despite what you might be told!), but we take the mortalities at Aquatics so what we ship should be very stable.