Koi Plus

Koi Plus is our 50 acre koi farm situated 30 minutes from our main facility producing some of the finest koi in the country. A wide variety of koi allows us to ship to some of Europe’s major importers, references availabe.

Fish are regularly tested for the KHV virus at independent government laboratories & quarantined for several weeks before shipment. At the main Aquatics export centre we have large cool rooms which allow us to pre-cool your koi shipments down to 15C. This is an over-night process & the fish are then packed with water of a similar temperature so as not to thermally stress the fish. As each box is packed it then enters an additional coolroom & stored under similar conditions until time of loading on to air-conditioned trucks for delivery to cargo. Our complete control of the production process, the growing on of the fish, the quarantine procedure & the cool chain guarantees that our koi reach you in top condition.

Koi are packed in boxes measuring 57cm x 42cm x 29cm with packed weights running from 14kg to 25kg depending on the size of the fish.
Both the koi farm and the fantail farm have achieved EU approval status from our govermental Fisheries Department which means that they fully comply with all EU directives, including the implementation of proper management controls in terms of record keeping, treatment procedures, fish movement records from pond to pond & also back to Aquatics (no fish ever enters the farm). We also address all water treatment parameters with reservoir water being treated before being supplied to the ponds and discharge water is treated before discharge off the farm. Staff attend training courses on disease control & all vehicles either entering or exiting the farm pass through medicated truck baths to reduce the chances of contamination on the farm.