A Letter to you from the Managing Director

Welcome to Aquatics International ! Whether you have read about us, or have been referred by one of our clients, we would like to introduce you to our company. As an established exporter of both tropical freshwater & marines, we offer this website to you so that you might get to know us a little bit, get to know about our operation, our facilities & the commitment that we have to you. Singapore was (& probably still is), the largest exporter of tropical aquarium fish worldwide. However did you know that apprioximately 75% of the fish they export comes from Malaysia? It was for this reason that Aquatics was established way back in 1988 in order to take advantage of this situation & literally export …. Direct From the Source.

In order to improve on quality we have over the years ventured into our own breeding of several species which allows us to take full control of the species in terms of quality, health, size etc. Fish traditionally bred from earthen ponds naturally have certain bacterial problems which manifests itself on transfering to exporters’ tanks with different water conditions etc. This is further compounded in the different water conditions in the importer’s facility especially after a long transportation.

We tank breed species such as angels, danios, barbs, discus, apistogrammas, nothobranchius, ramirezis, tetras and fantails to ensure that fish are healthy & disease free. Aquatics is the only breeder of tank bred fantails in the country. Body shape is also improved as the slower growth rate in tanks over earthen ponds ensures the body form of the fantails for example to be both full & round.

Where fish are reared in ponds as is the case of our koi, samples are regularly checked by our government vetrinary laboratories & are certified to be both KHV & SVC free. Stringent bio-security measures are taken on the farm & we have a means of traceability on the fish which ensures that when you receive a koi from Aquatics, we are able to trace back which tank the fish was held in quarantine at our facility, the truck registration no. of the truck that delivered the fish to us from our farm, which quarantine tank the fish was in on the koi farm, back to which pond the fish was reared in on the farm….a complete traceability.

On our marines we are not interested in just passing fish though the facility as is the case of most exporters, basically they are just passing on the problem to you. Our facility is large enough that we are able to stock & condition the fish & most importantly to ensure that they are feeding before shipment on to you. We take the majority of the mortalities at our location & what we ship is … good to go. Marines from our two collection centres in Sabah & Sumatra are available at bulk, discounted prices.

We hope that you will become a customer of ours & we encourage you to contact us for further information regarding freight rates to your location. We have direct contact with the airlines & in many cases are able to offer you significant freight savings on your shipments.

We are always happy to talk to you regarding any queries you might have on our operation. If you’re ready to start trading with a serious company from this country, then we already have something in common.

Enjoy our website.

Yours sincerely,

Keith Jones

Managing Director

Aquatics International Sdn. Bhd.