What services can Aquatics International provide to me?

You will receive regular stocklists on both freshwater tropicals, marine fish, corals, invertebrates & aquatic plants. Weekly offers also available on fish from around the world.

Why should I deal with you? What benefits do I receive?

Healthy conditioned fish which in many cases have been tank bred on our facilities, not just fish passed through a facility as is often the case with other exporters. Fantails for instance are bred in a totally biosecure facility and are the most stable in the country.

How do I get started?

Kindly send us your enquiry by mail to aquatics@streamyx.com with your full mailing address together with telephone & fax. no. and if you prefer our lists in hard copy please advise us & a copy will be sent to you by Fedex.

What sort of guarantee do you have on a shipment?

We guarantee 95% live arrival & claims will be recognised for any mortality amount over 5% providing we receive digital photographs showing the same within 24 hours of shipment arrival.

Do you offer any discounts off your lists?

We deal with all customers on a nett price list. We have found this to be a more straightforward method of working with customer and a means of treating all customers with the same respect, whether big or small.

What are your payment terms?

Advance payment is required for both fish & freight & the shipment would normally take place within 6-7 days your funds arriving our account. Cities for coral shipments would require more time.

What currency are your lists in?

Our lists are quoted in either Malaysian dollars (RM) or US$ depending on customer preference.

What is your standard packing method?

Fish are packed in machine clipped double plastic bags in a styrofoam box with an outer corrugated cardboard carton. Fish are packed at 6 bags/box in a box measuring 58cm x 42cm x 37cm & approximately 16 kg volumetric weight. Packing densities are able to be adjusted according to the length of travel time to destination. We do ship for up to 50 hours packed time in the case of exports to Brazil. Koi are packed in boxes measuring 57cm x 42cm x 29cm, weight variable depending on size of fish.

How do we size the fish?

This depends a lot on species. Most fish are measured tip to tip, but goldfish & koi for example are measured only to the fork of the tail so you receive a larger fish. Discus and angels are measured only on body size, excluding the tail while the monos are perculiar in that the industry measures them on body height. We have actual cm sizes on our lists (also inches in the case of the koi), not just an S, S/M or a M as some exporters have in their lists allowing them a lot of leeway.

We understand that KHV can be a major problem on the koi?

Aquatics is a partner in its own 50 acre koi farm known as Koi Plus which was the first koi farm in Malaysia to obtain bio-secure status according to European Union standards. This is a 50 acre farm where fish are regularly tested by our government veterinary department for KHV and other diseases. Every year we have to go through stringent checks in order to renew our bio-security certificate. Our major koi buyers in Europe will also carry out their own KHV tests on shipments arriving final destination.
Fantail Plus our biosecure goldfish farm also goes through similar checks.

In the case of marines, what salinity do you keep your systems at?

Marine fish are kept in recirculating systems at a salinity level of SG1.018, while our corals are kept at SG1.024. We maintain our stock in natural seawater with a daily analysis made for pH, KH, NH4, NO2, NO3, Cu, Ca, Mg, SiO2 & PO4.

In the case of corals & live rock, what are your Cities charges?

Due to our government’s re-export charges, we charge a Cities fee of either RM2.20 or US$0.70 per piece of coral or per kg. of live rock accordingly.

Do you offer bulk discounts for quantity orders?

Yes we do, as for example in the case of a customer who might order 5 to 20 boxes of the same fish, same size.

Do you offer special pricing on marines?

Yes we certainly do. We run collecting stations in Sabah, East Malaysia and Sumatra, Indonesia and can offer great pricing on fish endemic to these areas. Popular fish such as Yellow Tangs from Hawaii also carry a quantity discount, we do this with several varieties of marines.

Do you offer tank bred Clowns?

Currently Aquatics is the only commercial breeder of tank bred cultured clowns in Malaysia and we produce the common varieties of clowns from ocellaris to Gold Stripe Maroons in limited quantities.

Are you able to ship marines directly out of your overseas collection centres?

For large marine buyers who are able to take fish in bulk quantities we are able to ship marines directly out of our collection centres in Sabah, East Malaysia and also Sumatra offering very competitive rates. We utilise our own boats and divers who go out for up to two weeks at a time collecting hand caught fish (no cyanide!) where fish are quarantined at our collecting stations before shipments abroard.

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